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About iHOPE

Are you or someone you know: seeing or hearing things that other people don’t, like shadows in the corner of your eyes? Having unusual thoughts, like experiencing the TV, Internet, or music sending you special messages? Having a lot more energy than usual and racing thoughts, so much that you can’t sleep for days? Are these things bothering you or causing you to be concerned?


You may be experiencing symptoms of psychosis. Psychosis is a lot more common than you think. You are not alone. Lifeskills iHOPE can help. iHOPE provides information and support to young people experiencing symptoms of psychosis for the first time.

In this interview from the National Institute of Mental Health, Ryan talks about his experiences with schizophrenia, his challenges, and his success in fulfilling his dreams.

“Mental illness can happen to anyone, no matter what age, economic status, or race. At any given time, 25 million Americans, nearly one in five, suffer from a clearly diagnosable mental disorder that interferes with employment, attendance at school, or daily life.” –National Association of Mental Health.

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