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Board of Directors

The Board is the Policy-making body that sets the direction the organization will take within the mission. As a nonprofit organization, LifeSkills must be governed by a board of directors. Each board member has a legal and moral obligation to ensure that the organization operates in the best interest of those we serve.

LifeSkills has Board Members in each county that it provides services. The following list of Board Members is grouped by county.For more information, call our Corporate Office at 270-901-5000 or contact the LifeSkills’ Center nearest you.

Allen County

Jason McKinney

Barren County

Glenda Reid
Stephanie Dickerson

Butler County

Amanda Taylor
Pamela Staples

Edmonson County

Scott Lindsey
Shelley Lowe

Hart County

Paul Gronowski
Larry Oden

Logan County

Betty Parker

Metcalfe County

Cathy Nunn
Saundra Froggett

Monroe County

Ken Johnson

Simpson County

Nancy Uhls
Betty Ann Jernigan

Warren County

Deborah Weed

WKU Region

Ryan Dearbone

Requirements to Apply
  • Must live in the 10 county BRADD regions of South Central Kentucky – only
  • Must have leadership qualities
  • Must be willing to volunteer your time to support our mission

We urge you to apply.

PLEASE NOTE – This is not where you apply to be an employee of LifeSkills and you will not be paid for the voluntary work you do as a member of our board.

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