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Help Line Hotline Crisis & Information  (270) 843-4357  or   (800) 223-8913

Community Living

LifeSkills Supports for Community Living (SCL) Program offers a flexible array of community based supports for Medicaid eligible adults with intellectual disabilities. LifeSkills SCL program adheres to the guiding principles of self-determination, community inclusion and dignity and respect while striving to support people to have meaningful roles and relationships in their community.

Program Director: Tracy Butterfield 901-5000 ext. 1227.

Residential Supports

Residential Supports provide a person with a home, along with supports and assistance to develop new skills and participate in normal home and community life.
LifeSkills offers two types of residential supports:

Adult Foster Care Providers

Adult Foster Care Providers (AFCP’s) are independent contractors, screened and trained by LifeSkills, who open up their homes to people. AFCP’s are LifeSkills’ primary resource for offering residential supports. A large and diverse pool of AFC ’s exists to help the person find a home and family that best matches his or her preferences and lifestyle.

Leslie Barrett – (270) 901 -5000 ext 1228

Group Home

Group Home is a HUD funded, eight-person home owned by LifeSkills and located in Russellville, KY. The home is staffed by trained LifeSkills employees. Note: LifeSkills currently has no openings in the group home.

Glenys Buchner – (270) 726 – 3667

Adult Day Training (ADT)

ADT Services are provided at LifeSkills Industries in Warren, Logan, Butler and Allen Counties. People are supported to develop skills in the areas of daily living, social interaction, artistic expression and employment. Opportunities for paid work and volunteerism are provided both on-site and in the community.

Jan Eblen – (270) 901 -5000 ext 1243

Supported Employment

Supported Employment services assist people to secure and maintain competitive employment in their community. The person is matched with a supported employment specialist who provides person-centered job selection, individualized job training and extended monitoring and support as needed.

Kelly Foust – (270) 901 -5000 ext 1884

Community Access

This service provides individualized supports to assist a person to participate in meaningful routines, events and activities within a community organization of that person’s choice. The goal is to help the person develop natural supports within that organization so that paid supports can be phased out.


Respite Supports provide a temporary break for the person and his or her family or AFCP. Respite is offered on an hourly, overnight and weekend basis. It can be provided in the person’s home or in the home of an approved Respite Provider.

Tracy Butterfield – (270) 901 -5000 ext 1227

Michelle P. Waiver (MPW) Program

Michelle P. Waiver (MPW) Program provides an array of services intended to support people remain living in the community – either in their own home or with family. LifeSkills is responsible for intake and eligibility process, including assessment and reassessment for MPW recipients in the South Central Region (Region IV) of Kentucky. LifeSkills offers the following MPW services: respite, adult day training, supported employment and community living support. Residential services are not offered under the MPW program. MPW recipients have the option to consumer-direct (CDO) the following non-medical MPW services: personal care, respite, homemaker, community living, supports, adult day training, and supported employment.

Amy Mason – (270) 901-5000 ext 1168

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