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Mission & Vision


Our vision is for all people to be valued and respected, to be full participating members of communities, and to lead meaningful, enriched, and self-determined lifestyles.


Our mission is to support people with developmental disabilities and their families in planning, coordinating and developing resources that meet their unique needs and preferences. We hold that listening and collaborating with individuals and families is paramount, and by exchanging knowledge, information and skill, we will develop partnerships of mutual trust and respect.

We Believe
  • All people are valuable and contribute to life in their communities.
  • Communities benefit from the unique abilities, talents and gifts of all people, including those with disabilities.
  • All people should have opportunities to be full, participating citizens of their communities.
We Strive to Develop Support Which:
  • Provide opportunities for people to form and develop meaningful roles and relationships.
  • Utilize person-centered and/or family-centered processes that are developed with affirmation, trust and sensitivity.
  • Promote self-determination and honor personal choice.
  • Utilize only positive approaches that are based on the highest standard and best practices models.
  • Value human, cultural, individual, and family differences.
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