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Vocational Services

LifeSkills Industries offer a variety of Vocational Services to people with disabilities. Supports are designed to help people with assessing and developing vocational skills and with finding and maintaining employment of choice in the community.

Program Director: Jan Eblen (270) 901-5000 ext 1243

LifeSkills Industries Locations:

2420 Russellville RD, Bowling Green – Contact: Jan Eblen or Amy Mason (270) 901-5000 ext 1243  
720 North Fourth Street, Scottsville – Contact: with Jenna Craig (270) 901-5000 ext 1240
433 Shelton Lane, Russellville – Contact: with Jenna Craig (270) 901-5000 ext 1240  
222 Industrial Drive North, Morgantown – Contact: with Jenna Craig (270) 901-5000 ext 1240 

Services Offered


Evaluation is the initial step when a person is referred for vocational services through the Kentucky State Office of Vocational Rehabilitation (OVR). This period allows the vocational evaluator to monitor the person’s attendance, production, work ethic, and ability to work well with others in a light industrial work environment. After a 2-week period of monitoring, the vocational evaluator makes recommendations, using a comprehensive assessment of the person’s physical, mental and emotional abilities in order to determine vocational potential and help form appropriate goals.

Contact: Kelly Foust: (270) 901-5000 ext 1084

Time Limited Job Placement

Time Limited Job Placement supports people who are recovering from substance abuse, have mental health concerns and/or a physical disability. Vocational counselors assist people with finding and maintaining compatible, competitive employment while continuing to provide them with the tools needed to succeed in the workplace. Assistance is provided with developing resumes, developing work references, reviewing applications and conducting mock interviews. People are also assisted with interview and employment needs such as appropriate clothing, transportation, etc. After the person obtains a job, follow up services are provided for 90 days to ensure the person is able to sustain independence both socially and economically.

Contact: Kelly Foust: (270) 901-5000 ext 1084


School-to-Work is a special section of the Time Limited Job Placement Program, referred to as SEEDS (Students Exploring, Evaluating, and Developing Skills.) The SEEDS program allows high school seniors to participate in a vocational evaluation while earning high school credit. After completion of the evaluation, a vocational counselor helps the student find and maintain a competitive, part-time, cooperative employment (co-op) while completing their last semester of high school. A minimum follow-up period of 90 days is provided after graduation to ensure successful transition from high school to the workforce.

Contact: Kelly Foust: (270) 901-5000 ext 1084

Supported Employment

Supported Employment helps people with intellectual disabilities locate and maintain employment.  Supported Employment staff support people both on and off the job to ensure success.  Each person is assisted with career exploration, identification of job assistance/accommodations needs, resume preparation, interview preparation/support, and customized employment search.  Once the person obtains employment, staff provide one-on-one job coaching on the job site until he or she can work independently.  On-going follow up meetings are then conducted with the company and the person to ensure the job match remains successful.

Contact: Kelly Foust: (270) 901-5000 ext 1084

Adult Day Training

Adult Day Training Services are provided in Warren, Logan, Butler, and Allen Counties.  People are supported to develop skills in the areas of daily living, social interaction, artistic expression and employment.  Opportunities for paid work and volunteerism are provided both on-site or in the community.

ADT Contact: Angie Smith (270) 901-5000 ext 1162

What Matters Most

We are people with disabilities. We are parents, loved ones and guardians. We are allies and advocates. And we stand together to offer, support and enhance a full spectrum of options and opportunities for people with disabilities, from a single disability to the most significant disabilities.

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