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Therapeutic Foster Parent

  • There are over 8,000.00 children and adolescents in foster care statewide and over a 1,000.00 in our region alone. There is a great need for safe, secure and loving homes, providing the foster youth with the ability to work toward reunification, adoption or independent living. You can provide that home, offering a foster youth the chance to have a brighter future. (
  • Through LifeSkills, TFC, you will be given the opportunity to make a difference in the life of a child or teen. Here are just a few examples of the services and support therapeutic foster parents receive:
    • 24-hour access to LifeSkills, TFC staff.
    • Guidance and support from case management, therapist, program coordinator and director.
    • Initial therapeutic foster parent training as well as opportunities for ongoing training to better meet the needs of children and teens in care.
  • Here is a link to more information about LifeSkills, TFC as well as frequently asked questions: Learn More
  • We schedule information meetings throughout the year that is an informal and non-committal way for you to learn more about foster care and more specifically LifeSkills, TFC to see if therapeutic foster parenting is a fit for you.
  • To learn more about LifeSkills, TFC, please contact Amanda Niedwick at 270-901-5000 ext. 1266.
LifeSkills, TFC Testimonials

“The agency at lifeSkills is very supportive, you can pick up the phone any hour, any day and get a hold of someone to talk to…you’re not alone doing this…” – Pat Dubert, LifeSkills, Therapeutic Foster Parent

“The staff at LifeSkills is amazing…” – Betsy Allara, LifeSkills, Therapeutic Foster Parent

“Working with LifeSkills staff has been one of the best teams to work with” – DCBS guardian

“Mental illness can happen to anyone, no matter what age, economic status, or race. At any given time, 25 million Americans, nearly one in five, suffer from a clearly diagnosable mental disorder that interferes with employment, attendance at school, or daily life.” –National Association of Mental Health.

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