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Boost Your Child Up

build your child up
Photo Credit: RDNE Stock Project

It’s easy to point out the stuff we need kids to do better about and not always focus on the positive things we see! We know that kids who have solid support systems with positive relationships are more willing to come to their caregivers when they need help or do something wrong. Our team had these suggestions to help boost your child up:

  1. Compliment/praise kids when they make good decisions, are kind to others, and try
    their hardest on tasks like chores and school work.
  2. Make a family gratitude jar! Encourage everyone to put a note about something
    they appreciate about others in the family or positive things you see each other do.
    Come back and read these together at the end of the week or month!
  3. Spend some time telling your child all the things that you love and value about
    them! Be specific and share your pride in them!
  4. Put down the phone and make eye contact, pay attention and show interest in what
    they are saying! Spend 5-10 minutes listening to them without distractions and
    without jumping to provide solutions. Kids want to be validated!
  5. Let your kids choose meals or activities for the family sometimes! This validates
    that their ideas are just as important as yours!
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