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Tips for Children’s Mental Health During the Holidays

childrens mental health
Photo Credit: Yan Krukau

The holiday season can be quite overwhelming, particularly for children as it disrupts their usual routines and can lead to stress. Here are some valuable tips from our LifeSkills team to support your child’s mental well-being during this time:

  1. Provide Structure. Create a plan or schedule with your family for holiday activities that each family member wants to participate in. Assign everyone specific tasks such as organizing gifts, distributing presents, cleaning up wrapping paper, setting and clearing the table, etc.
  2. Create Memories: Focus on creating memorable family experiences rather than just giving gifts. Take advantage of the extra time you have together during school breaks by exploring the many free activities available in our community during the holidays.
  3. Be Supportive: If your children are uncomfortable engaging with certain family members for any reason, offer your support. Whether they feel uneasy, have had their feelings hurt, or have had negative experiences in the past, respecting their choices is crucial.
  4. Offer Space: Allow your children some alone time to help them manage their emotions. The transition from a busy school schedule to the bustling holiday season can be stressful, so giving them moments of solitude can be beneficial.
  5. For Young Children: Stick to their regular schedules, even if other family members may not consider it important. A mentally or physically tired child won’t be able to fully enjoy the holiday festivities if they haven’t had adequate rest
  6. For Older Children: Even though the holiday break is a time for your older children to step away from their everyday school routine, it’s still essential to maintain some structure in their time off. This small step will make the transition back to school smoother and prevent abrupt changes in sleep schedules.

For more information about children’s mental health, check out: If you need additional support, the LifeSkills team is here to help. Reach out today (270) 901-5999.

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